Shipping terms

payment methods

Payment by cash in advance you choose, if you do not want to make more than one of the other online payment options your payment of the invoice amount or can. Maybe you just do not have access to your PIN / TAN, have no credit card or do not like money transactions over the Internet. Order yet very comfortable and immediately transfer the amount within three days to the directory specified in the confirmation e-mail account. Please do not forget to include the order number and customer number, so we can allocate your payment safe.

We will process your order as soon as we can determine the payment. In some cases, it takes two business days for the funds to be transferred from your bank to our bank account. Whole 7 days we reserve your products - enough time so your payment by cash.



We deliver within Germany to your home address (billing address) or to have a different delivery address (eg. As your job, hotel address, address with acquaintances, friends).
Delivery will be made within one to three business days after your order if your delivery address is correct and has been registered for payment by cash in advance the payment.



The DHL delivers directly to your door. Can not find you, your parcel will be stored after the first delivery attempt at a post office in your area for seven business days.
You can also contact one of the more than 1,000 DHL Packstation can send your order and pick your choice there around the clock. You will need to register once with DHL and identify the selected Packstation your PIN or debit card. You can find info, see


Special Considerations for deliveries abroad:

For deliveries to other countries duties, taxes and fees may apply and are not included in the total price displayed.